Posted by: Ann | August 15, 2017

August 12th, Blind Channel to Owen Bay

Owen Bay

Odd rock-lined yard (druids?) in Owen Bay

The weather continues cooler and fresh. We had a few sprinkles last night and the real rain began around 5:30 this evening. We departed Blind Channel this morning at 8:20 am traversing the rapids just outside the marina without incident.
We entered an unusually calm Johnstone strait heading SE along East Thurlow Island. Just before 10am, we passed Chatham Point and entered Discovery Passage. We headed for Oskollo Channel but we needed to stop for awhile to wait for the Lower rapids…so we anchored off Granite Point behind Metcalf Island for a few hours. There were two bald eagles in a nearby tree for quite a while. There were also Belted Kingfishers and we had two brief glimpses either a river otter or mink. Jon thinks otter, but it didn’t swim so I think mink.
As we weighed anchor to continue, the motor yacht Cape Diem (Sidney) hailed us to ask if it was too early for the Hole in the Wall / Upper rapids. We both traversed Lower Rapids through Barnes Bay behind Okis Island. The Carpe Diem continued on while we turned off to anchor in Owen Bay near Sonora Island around 2:45
It rained all night but thankfully stopped just before we had to continue on the next day.

Chatham Point

Chatham Point


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