Posted by: Ann | August 14, 2017

August 10-11, Blind Channel

We had a pleasant time during our two night stay at Blind Channel.  We were pretty wiped out the first day having departed Toba Wilderness Lodge at 4am to traverse the Yaculta, Gillard and Dent rapids on the turn to ebb (going with us).  We passed a huge fishing resort near Gillard that I keep meaning to look up.

We continued up Cordero Channel passing Cordero Lodge  on the way.  Kyle at Toba told us that it had been robbed and cut loose, but it looked much the same except for one float houses now on the beach. The “medicinal pot farm” was still intact.  I will never forget the two ailing men and their incredible flock of rufous humming birds.

Upon our early arrival at Blind Channel, the friendly and capable Natasha guided us into the very narrow marina.  She had both breast lines in her hands before I could scramble down to help.  We walked along the beach and lawns until the cafe opened at noon.  We ended up eating lunch there both days- Jon the burger and I the daily quesadilla.  Also a surprisingly refreshing drink they called Summer Flower which was made of Pimms, elderflower cordial and lemonade.

Dinner in the spacious dining room was the yummy Blind Channel Schnitzel (but we still give first honors to Swiss Bistro in Sidney).  Dessert was a hi-lite- a very dense German chocolate flourless torte and a chocolate mint creme brûlée.  I’m going to have to try to duplicate that one at home.

The second day we hiked the Forest Management trails Big Cedar and Viewpoint.  I enjoyed the wildlife including a noisy squirrel, banana slugs and a new bird for me, the winter wren. I also chatted with a fledgling song sparrow and there was a small yellow breasted bird that I was unable to ID.  It didn’t respond to any of the obvious warbler songs.

We received special service at the lunch cafe:  when I asked if there were any  of the chocolate mint creme brûlée left over, the young chef made us a fresh one on the spot.


I was glad to get a few loads of laundry done in the busy laundry cottage; the resort seemed to be having power problems.  We had dinner aboard since this stay was probably our most expensive stop, especially after I had to buy a windbreaker on sale that fits me perfectly.


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