Posted by: Ann | August 9, 2017

August 9th, Atwood Bay to Toba Wilderness Lodge

Today we made the short trip to this very interesting location It is a beautiful set of docks run by Kyle and Andrea Hunter with Ryan from Newfoundland helping out. Toba inlet is a deep fjord on the BC mainland 45 km northeast of Campbell River.
The water here is cobalt turquoise from the ice melt that floats above the saltwater. Kyle and Ryan were at the ready to ease us into our spot; oddly all the visitors seems to arrive at once.
The docks are clean and there are 5 km of hiking trails to explore. We visited the waterfall up a very steep trail with ropes to help you clamber up the last bit. It supplies the abundant fresh water. Andrea was scattering foxglove seed from this seasons dried blooms as we walked by.
After our hike, Kyle showed us his "hydro-electric plant" that he built to provide power. It's really impressive seeing all the structures and infrastructure he's built, keeping in mind that he has to move it all around the land himself. The barges deliver heavy goods, but they just drop everything on the shore. He's really done a terrific job of creating a little bit of paradise in the wilderness.


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