Posted by: Ann | August 9, 2017

August 8th, Prideaux Haven to Atwood Bay

Prideaux Haven
I did some painting of the mountains despite the smoke which shows no sign of abating. Crazy activities in PH include a paddle-board riding dog and kids leaping off tall rocks into the water.
Weighed anchor around 11:30 for a smoggy motoring run up Homfray Channel to Atwood Bay. This bay would not be well protected in heavy weather, but there continues to be no wind to speak of.
Arriving around 2:30, we investigated the entire shoreline before choosing the souther shore. Jon backed Anomaly to within a boat length and still had 60 feet of water to put down the anchor. Then took a stern line ashore in the dinghy. The tide was out so lots of sharp oyster and mussel shells were exposed. I think this is our first stern tie
I wandered the shoreline in the dinghy and accidentally disturbed two oystercatchers that I'd seen fly in earlier. It's not named, but I'll call this Oystercatcher point.
Later on, we had a bit of an adventure with the rising tide. It got so high the log we were stern tied to started floating away. Then when Jon took the dinghy ashore to tie the line higher, he couldn't reach our stern and needed me to motor backwards towards him (which i managed with much difficulty since I find the unmarked transmission mushy and difficult to gauge)

Oystercatcher Point


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