Posted by: Ann | August 9, 2017

August 7th, Monday,Lund to Prideaux Haven

There are many things we enjoy about cruising in Canada (rugged coastline, friendly marinas, English cheese and crackers, reasonable government officials…), but the lack of cleats is not one of them. The metal pipes that Lund supplies on the breakwater floats damaged our mooring lines in only one night.
Our neighbors on the breakwater have two cats, and one is quite brave. There is a lot of noise here but even the incoming helicopter didn't scare him. He sits on his leash on the breakwater and chases the seagulls.

We had fresh cinnamon rolls and usable WIFI at Nancys before visiting the fuel dock. The attendant there insisted I throw our lines on the dock because he's tired of being hit in the head by all the cruisers. We sailed a bit outside the Copeland islands heading towards Desolation Sound.

As we feared, the main objective of this trip will not be met, at least not this week. We still cannot see the supposedly beautiful mountains. Our two previous trips they were obscured by rain; this time the smoke makes them almost invisible.

At least we were able to find a spot to anchor in Prideaux Haven, and the water is warm enough for Jon to swim. I might have tried it, but we really don't have any ladder to help me get back on board.

A kayaker came by for a closer look at our boat. She was based in Vancouver so gave us some interesting destinations to aim for. Namely Union Steamship marina on Bowen island. And her home marina, Fisherman's in Vancouver across from Granville island.


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