Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 22, 2016

August 20th- Sucia

Warm, Shirt-sleeved sailing

We were undecided on where to spend our last night, Lopez Island’s Spencer Spit or Sucia, both marine parks, but had several recommendations for Sucia, so by 1:30 we were sailing by Disney point off unheralded Waldron Island and on to the 11 island group making up the horseshoe shaped Sucia, anchoring in Echo Bay by 3:30.

The guide book couldn’t have been more wrong in claiming this northern boundary island to be the more secluded destination. Jon counted 78 boats in the spacious bay and there were many more in the smaller Fossil, Shallow and Elwin Bays. We went onshore to enjoy the spacious hiking trail and noticed the campsites were booked solid for August.

I spent the afternoon trying to paint the scene with Mt. Baker in the distance.

Sailing, Sucia

Echo Bay, Sucia


Nice hiking trails on Sucia

Sailing, Sucia

Anomaly close to shore, Sucia


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