Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 22, 2016

August 20th- Roche Harbour

August 20th- Roche Harbour to Sucia
Sunny and Calm

I wasn’t sure I wanted to visit the crowded resord, but I didn’t think we should miss it after coming all this way, so we dinghied in. The first thing Jon noticed was the DONUTS sign. We finally found the dinghy dock at headed up to the Limekiln cafe.

We hadn’t planned on a sit-down breakfast, and asked the family behind us where they got their coffee. They said it was free at the Haro hotel, failing to mention the huge coffee and pastry tent they must have walked by. The Limekiln turned out ok- we ordered at the counter and they brought us our Marina Light breakfast in the airy dining room. It was fun to see the donut production line boiling and turning out donuts as fast as people could eat them.

I enjoyed walking around the grounds- past the Haro Hotel and the formal gardens, up a forested road past the church Our Lady of the Good Voyage, past the pool and tennis center, an airport, and finally a large variety of terrain hosting the Sculpture Gardens.

Jon was amazed that a pastel artist I spoke to said the crowds were actually lower this year. He had trouble finding a free restroom, until I found the hidden ones on the north side of the Limekiln cafe. We finally departed at 11:30 wondering at why anyone would go on vacation only to congregate with crowds of people at your destination.

Sailing, Roche Harbour

Roche Harbour dinghy dock

Sailing, Roche Harbour

Formal gardens of Hotel de Haro

Sailing, Roche Harbour

The Sculpture Garden

Sailing, Roche Harbour

Anomaly in Roche Harbour



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