Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 22, 2016

August 19th- Victoria to Roche Harbour

Sunny and warm

We lingered in Victoria enjoying Starbucks and Murchie’s up to the 11 am check-out time. It was a little tricky getting out of our #1 position on the dock, but I manned the boat hook to fend off and the dock hand and another boat owner made sure we didn’t contact anything. Jon made me throw out my carrots to prepare for US entry.

Jon got the sails up in the outer Harbour and we sailed across the Haro straight and US boundary line to San Juan Island. The large cargo ship Venture Luck motored by and then, a first, the captain called to ask and admire Anomaly! The wind started to die around 2:30 and we had to check in to customs, so we motored the rest of the way.

The customs experience was initially confusing, stressful and very hectic. There was room for 5 boats at the Customs dock and another 10 or more needing to check in. Fortunately, the other mariners were mindful of who arrived when, and it was as orderly as possible given the limited maneuverability that some of us have. Jon expertly alternated between drifting in idle and short spurts ahead and reversed for about 3/4 hour to get our chance on the dock and checked in. The customs agent was very friendly saying we are “the kind of people he’s supposed to let in”. He didn’t ask about vegetables, so I could have kept my carrots!

I was relieved to get away from the dock in the shifty winds. Jon was able to find our friends motor yacht and we anchored next to them and enjoyed a nice evening together.

There are maybe 300 yachts in the Harbour or at the Marina and of course you are going to have some bad apples in the lot. One group of boats was blasting rock music as loud as they could until about 3 in the morning. Others raced by with no regard to their wake rocking your boat. Another anchored uncomfortably close, but fortunately didn’t stay the night.

Sailing, Victoria

Fisgard Lighthouse- the oldest in west coast Canada

Sailing, Roche Harbour

Dawn in Roche Harbour


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