Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 19, 2016

Engine Trouble, IV

Part IV

After thinking awhile, there remained the possibility that the sensor was not bad and we had a very odd intermittent low oil pressure problem. The switch seemed to work once removed when manually cycled and though suspect could not be proven the culprit. Since I had removed the low oil pressure warning switch and disconnected the wires, there would now be no warning of the event.

I was reminded while looking through the engine installation manual that the MDI electronics supplied with the engine included an Auxiliary Warning input, the example use given was a high bilge water alarm. It required only a switch closure to ground, and my reinstated combination sensor had just such a switch. They were made for each other and I wired them together. Now I had an independent warning of low pressure. We sailed and motored to Bamfield the next day with no issues.

The following day would be a test, 90 miles from Bamfield to Victoria which needed to be done with some speed, or miss the tide at Race Rocks. With very little wind and dense fog, we motor sailed most of the way without any engine problems.

A new oil pressure switch is on order, Volvo wants about $80 for this $10 switch. I am looking into a way to keep a real oil pressure monitoring method but so far have not found a convenient way.

Sailing, engine, indicator switch

The suspect oil pressure indicator


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