Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 19, 2016

August 17th, Bamfield to Victoria

Heavy Fog, Low Visibility
Jon was up before 5 AM and made our morning mochas in the dim dawn light. I finally managed to tumble out of bed and was still getting things put away as Jon slipped the lines at 5:55AM. We marveled at the armada of fishing boats of all shapes and sized that flanked Anomaly as we exited the Bamfield Harbour. Jon raised the sails immediately, but we outrun the wind.

By 6:50 we rounded Cape Beale and entered the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Visibility poor.

9:25AM- we added more layers of clothing. 1.4kts Trus Wind Speed (TWS), 6’swell, 6.6kts through the water, Speed Over Ground (SOG) 5-7 kts depending where on the swell the boat is. Visibility varied from 1 mile to 100 feet. Still motoring as the wind in on our stern and we can motor faster than the apparent wind.

I saw one swimming sea lion. Then at 12:10 there was a huge exhale as a humpback whale surface just off our starboard side. He was so close I could smell his stinky fish breath. We evidently startled him as he showed his flukes and did not resurface.

The swell continues, but the period is long, so we are both able to move about below and prepare our lunches. At 1:47 we had covered almost 40 miles with an ETA (at 6.5 kts average) of 7:49pm which is an improvement of our expected 9pm arrival. The low visibility is mind-numbing; I don’t know how Jon keeps his eyes open, but he’s thinking he might soon see the huge log boom shown on radar just in front of us. It is a little comforting to know we are also broadcasting AIS.

Conditions improved by 3:45 when the fog clears. We can see land on both sides (Why isn’t Neah Bay a port of entry?) At 1013 engine hours, TWS 12kts, SOG 9.5kts with boat speed (BS)7.3 knots. Motoring with sail assist.

By 5:46 PM, we have a favorable current: BS=7.7 kts, SOG=14 kts, TWS 16kts and we are sailing! ETA improved to 6:12pm.

At 6:11 we drop the mail sail to prepare to enter Victoria Harbour. It is crowded with kayaks and boats of all kinds and we must slow quite a bit to keep from colliding with someone. We had an assigned slip at the Inner Harbour Wharf docks, but it looked like there was already a small boat in our spot, so we called in and they found us a spot on the Causeway. By 7:30, we are safely nestled under the Empress Hotel.

Then Jon starts talking non-stop to someone who wants to know all about Anomaly. Argh! We finally walk over to Steamship Grill for a light supper at 8:30.  On the way back we caught the end of street performer Akron the Bizarre again.

Sailing, Bamfield to Victoria

Departing Bamfield

Jon at the helm in heavy fog

Sailing, Victoria

Victoria outer harbour

Sailing, Victoria

VIctoria Inner Harbour is really hopping!


Passing Race Rocks indicated we were close



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