Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 18, 2016

August 16th- Joe’s Bay to Bamfield


We slept in this morning listening to the thick fog drip onto the deck. There were only 2 other boats in the secluded bay.

We had to make a decision today when Jon discovered the winds were predicted to come from the wrong direction on the day we intended to travel the long 90 mile leg to Victoria. We might have to motor or tack against winds from the east. If we left tomorrow, we still had a chance of a downwind sail.

Neither of us wanted to sail directly into the wind, so we had to decide whether to stay out in the Broken Islands one more night as planned, or to continue into Bamfield. We eventually compromised and had lunch and lazed a few hours in a lovely bay off Effingham Island before continuing on to Bamfield.

We were glad we chose to visit Bamfield. The West side is as charming as advertised and has a fun boardwalk from the public dock to the store and Coast Guard station. We enjoyed walking the boardwalk and visiting the little store which had a surprising stock of fresh vegetables and some ice cream.

Bamfield is the western terminus of the Pacific Rim Trail which was originally constructed to aid shipwreck victims.

We tried to get to bed early, but didn’t sleep well anticipating the long trip tomorrow. At an expected average of 6kts, the 90 miles will take 15 hours, meaning a 6am departure will get us to Victoria at 9 in the evening.

Sailing, Broken Islands

One other boat at Effingham Bay

Sailing, Bamfield

Walking the Bamfield West boardwalk

Sailing, Bamfield West

Anomaly at Bamfield West Municiple dock

Sailing, Bamfield

View towards Bamfield East

Sailing, Bamfield

Bamfield West Municiple dock


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