Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 18, 2016

August 15th- Ucluelet to the Broken Islands

Drifting Fog
I decided to start some laundry before heading for the Grey Whale Deli. It turned out the washer was free and the dryers took quarters which was nice; usually the only useful change is the $1 Looney. The deli was surprisingly crowded. Jon was able to get the weather forecasts on their WIFI and I finished up the laundry for an 11:15 departure.

We both thought the engine sounded clunky, so Jon throttled back to clear a possible fouled prop but unfortunately, there went the LOW OIL PRESSURE alarm again. So we floated around for a while while Jon searched for anything wrong in vain. He cautiously got us going again, and we made it to our planned destination in the Broken Islands, Joes Bay off Turtle Island.

After lunch, Jon spent the rest of the afternoon trying different things and eventually convincing himself that the problem is a faulty pressure indicator. At one point, he even called a mechanic back in Ucluelet to ask if he could look at our engine, but the fellow said he was booked for a week. He did offer to sell Jon a real oil pressure gauge, and we were all set to go get it until Jon rigged up something else and decided it wasn’t necessary. (Hoping to get another post from Jon with the details)

The Broken Islands are supposed to be the most popular area on Vancouver Islands West coast, but I just think people don’t get north as much. I could see how kayackers would enjoy the easy access to explore all the little islands, but I was disappointed in the lack of wildlife. In Nuchatlizt Marine Park we saw eagles, otters, seals, a bear and even a whale. Here I saw 1 eagle and some crows. It was pretty but dull compared to the North. Maybe we are just here in the wrong conditions; the fog keeps drifting in and out.

sailing, Ucluelet laundry

Sailing is doing laundry in exotic places


The busy and well-run Small Craft Harbour in Ucluelet 


Waterways of the Broken Islands


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