Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 18, 2016

August 14th- Tofino to Ucluelet

Heavy Fog
We pushed off from the 4th Street Marina around 8:15. The fuel dock in town was full of boats just sitting there, so Jon decided to get fuel at our next stop.

No photo opportunities in the thick fog. Periodically, it looked like it might lift, but then it closed in again. Jon even got out our awful noisemaker. I think it sounds more like a sick heron, but he said technically we’re supposed to make a noise every so often (every 2 minutes? Not sure since no one does this). The ancient murrelets were unimpressed. No wind to sail in and I thought the waves were more closely spaced. It certainly took me longer to get used to land again later that day.

Around mid-day we thought we might hear a fog horn and finally saw the buoy. The unnamed lighthouse at Ucluclet Inlet was almost invisible as were the little fishing boats we saw once in awhile. Fortunately, by the time we approached the docks the fog lifted. We peeled off our foul weather gear in the sun at Eagle marine where two sets of hands eased us on and off the fuel float. I totally flubbed throwing the lines to them- I haven’t had much practice this trip since usually no one is around- but they were good-natured about it.

We continued on to the Small Craft Harbour where 3 bald screeching bald eagles and another helpful dock hand helped Anomaly into D dock and apparently the only spot available. This large Marina looks to be a long way from town, but it’s not much further on foot than other options because of the way the land curves around. We were investigating the little shops and restaurants by 2:30.

Grey Whale Deli near the Marina makes a good mocha, but I recommend trying to get to Zoe’s Bakery. It looked wonderful, but we arrived at 2:55 and they closed at 3 Sunday for a staff function; not to reopen until Tuesday ;-( It looked like there was a big empty sheet where some killer cinnamon buns formerly sat. Piña is also interesting- a clothing store where they print their own designs here in Ucluelet. I also admired the watercolors in Relecting art consignment store.

In a class of its own was the stationery store; don’t remember the name but it’s just above the aquarium. It was absolutely packed with STUFF. There were the normal T’s and trinkets for tourists, but I really liked the fingerless faux deerskin gloves lined with fur. I would have bought some if they’d been large enough. They had art supplies and some beautiful leather bound journals to use them on. And they had things I’d never seen before like a pink “earaser” shaped like an ear with a reference to Vincent Van Gogh. I could have poked around in there longer, but the fragrances from the gift soaps were making Jon grumpy.

If we had a longer stay here, I would walk some sections of the Pacific Rim trail. They advertise little shelters or Artist Perches, where you can sit and stormwatch. Sounds great for plain air working.

My feet really started to hurt so we returned to the boat for an afternoon of reading. The fog closed in again and it dripped all night.

Sailing, Tofino, fog

Departing Tofino in the Fog

Sailing, fog, Ucluelet

(No) visibilibity coming into Ucluelet

Sailing, Ucluelet

Fog clears inside the Ucluelet inlet- the Aquarium

Sailing, Ucluelet

Jon relaxing in Ucluelet


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