Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 13, 2016

August 11th – Hot Springs Cove

Part 2

What a zoo! Hot Springs Cove is so named for the Ramsay Hot Spring and is a fairly proficient tourist trap. At first it didn’t seem very crowded, but then plane after plane after ferry after zodiac arrived disgorging passengers onto the dock. The guidebooks recommended waiting until after 6pm or before 9am to avoid the crowd, but they are outdated. We set out near 6pm and stumbled over people in the spring anyway. (The next morning, the first plane arrived at 7:55AM)

If I had known how small the “springs” were, I don’t think I would have gone. Imagine two 40 minute stairmaster workouts with a soak in a small copper boiler in between. The boardwalk went on forever with stairs up and down, often with no handrail, that was really hard on my ankle. The changing room was nicely constructed, but the boardwalk stopped a bit too soon. I had to scramble in my floppy reef shoes on all fours over green slimed rocks only to reach a knee deep narrow crack filled with 50 deg. C water. Two people could maybe sit in the warmest pool; one in the next and I didn’t even try to scramble into the 3rd pool. Let’s just say I’m glad to have crossed that one off the bucket list.

If you do go, try the early AM and don’t forget to take water. I was really overheated when I got back to the boat around 8 in the evening. We later saw a tour operator in Tofino charging $140 per person for the “Hot Springs Soak”.  NOT!

Sailing, Hot Springs Cove

Not enjoying the “stairmaster”

Sailing, Hot Springs Cove

Almost there

Sailing, Hot Springs Cove

The scramble down to the springs


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