Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 9, 2016

August 8th, Zeballos Part 2

Sadly, we found Zeballos has also seen better days. There are several marked hiking trails and historical informational signs at regular intervals, as if the village is making an effort for tourism, but no sign of “several pubs and cafes”. Many homes and lodges had severely deferred maintenance. Some were under construction but for sale, as if the owner had been overwhelmed and gave up. And I didn’t really see the “false fronted, western town look” that the guide books noted.

Still, this is a popular sport fishing destination and we saw no vacancy signs on many of the lodges, even if they also had for sale sign. After reading Heart of the Raincoast, however, I was a bit sickened to see a sport boat offloading many beautiful large fish. I can’t imagine the sportsmen actually needing all those fish, and I’ve never understood the sport of killing live creatures.

We walked all the way to the post office and did find the promised coffee and ice cream. We ordered small ice creams which turned out to be the largest “smalls” we’ve ever had- overflowing out and bigger than the cup! The post woman gave us a cup to collect blackberries in too. On our way back we managed to see someone at the Cedars Inn to inquire about dinner which was being offered at 6:30.

When we returned to the boat, we saw a couple looking at it, and I thought here we go with the Anomaly questions, but they said they were looking at a sea otter. Given the snuffling, splashing and grunting sounds coming from under the dock, I’d say it was a river otter, but we never saw him. We returned to the Cedars Inn for maple-glazed salmon at 6:30. The salmon and vegetables were delicious, but we didn’t stay for dessert because the mosquitos were eating US.

Back at the boat I made a pie out of the blackberries which came out quite well with butter from the store and my guess at the right quantity of flour.


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