Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 9, 2016

August 8th- Nuchatlitz to Zeballos, part 1

Overnight rain
We were excited to see a healthy big black bear this morning. He started out pretty far away, but traveled quite a distance turning over rocks on the shoreline looking for goodies. Two Ravens followed him quite closely looking for leftovers. He finally walked across the shore nearest us then disappeared into the woods.

As I painted the nearby bay, the fog closed in over the shore, but then lifted again. We weighed anchor around 11 and motored up the Esperanza Inlet, passing Centre Island by 11:45. Jon saw a whale, but I missed it. I counted 8 bald eagles.

We continued up the Zeballos Inlet. Then both saw a really big blow. We later learned from a local that this was a humpback whale. He was very near the shore in about 60-100 ft of water just swimming back and forth. There must have been something good to eat there. We got a very nice show of blowing, rolling back and flukes but finally reluctantly continued on to Zeballos.

We intended to dock in the marina, but backed out when it looked too tight to get in. It looked like there was room, but the boats weren’t spaced efficiently. Plus there is a large electrical cable coming down off the mountainside that is listed at 48′ – less than our 65′ mast- although it turns out it is beyond the marina so not a problem. We decided to go in to the float plane dock and ask for directions.

The woman attending the fuel dock is a self-acclaimed dog lady. She had 7 little while dogs in the office and 5 more at home. She nicely pointed out the public dock and gave us info about town. She even offered to have her husband pick anything we needed up in Campbell River before he returned that evening. She said, “that’s what we do for our tourists”.

We moved over to the public dock then set off to explore the town. Fortunately we had an ice cream from the Zeballos Store first as we logged over 10,000 steps today. We paid $1/foot moorage at the Village Office where the manager informed us the newest hotel was closed, changing ownership.


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