Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 9, 2016

August 7th – Walter’s Cove to Esperanza Inlet

Sunday, overcast, rain showers overnight
Wildlife count today: 8 bald eagles, 21 sea otters, 1 dolphin

We shoved off the dock around 9:15 after I collected many reference photos for future artwork. We failed to see the wolves that the noticed warned about. We motored down the coast in slightly rolling seas.

Our journey takes us to the Esperanza Inlet for the next few days. Lots to see here. Jon’s original plan had us spending the night in Queens Cove, but Nuchatlitz Marine Park also sounded good, so we anchored at 1:15 for lunch in Queens Cove. It’s a very tranquil enclosed bay with a few homes and only one traditional motor yacht, the Puget Lady, anchored. One of the three aboard her came over in a kayak to admire Anomaly. There wasn’t much wildlife at that hour, although I did see a bald eagle land when we weighed anchor at 2:30 to motor to Nuchatlitz.

We both agreed Nuchatlitz has more interesting things to see with its more stunning, rugged beauty. There were rocks and small islands with little waterways everywhere; the area is popular with kayackers. I was happy to see many otters floating in the narrow passageway and we anchored at 3:45 with only one other sailboat in the large protected bay.

I was excited about beachcombing the drying beach and sandbar, but I took the wrong shoes. I wore my river sandals, and the pebbles from the sloped gravelly beach kept getting in. I still enjoyed the little birds- plovers? – and the blackberries.


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