Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 9, 2016

August 6th- Bunsby Islands to Walters Cove

Saturday, overcast and fog
Last night we had our first bit of rain; 6 days was our longest stretch without rain so far. We weighed anchor around 9:45 and saw 4 sea otters and one noisy Harbour seal as we departed the Bunsby Islands.

We continued out the south end of the Gay passage and took an inshore route through Kyuquot Sound inside the Mission Group of islands. It is only about 15 nautical miles to Walters Cove from the Bunsbys and we were soon navigating the very narrow entrance to Walters Cove. It looks almost impassable, but is well marked if you don’t count the last green day marker that has fallen down into the mud. By 11:30 we were docked at the public wharf with the help of Ken, skipper of the red beneteau from Port Townsend we’d seen earlier.

Ken recommended the apple pie at Java the Hutt coffee shop, so we set off along a pretty fern lined trail back towards the cove entrance. Walters Cove is home to the Kyuquot Community. Java the Hutt is the cafe attached to the Kyuquot Hotel. They served surprisingly good fish and chips. I was too full for pie, but Jon enjoyed a piece when we decided to linger during a rain shower. The wifi worked, but in the typical almost unusable bursts we’ve seen throughout the islands.

I would have like to paint the surrounding village, but it rained on and off the rest of the day. We are enjoying our books Heart of the Raincoast by Billy Proctor/Alexandra Morton and The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet, both about areas we’ve visited. Although, Billy’s book is turning into a sad environmental tome similar to Silent Running. He talks about the government offering bounties on predators- 50 cents a crows beak- which you can almost understand when you listen to all the complaining crows here in the cove.


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