Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 6, 2016

August 4th- Return to Winter Harbour

We spent most of the morning in Port Alice while Jon made some calls and visited the store for a few bottles of wine and ice. We left the dock around 11 and retraced our journey out the Neroutsos Inlet (named for a prominent Canadian mariner) and back to Winter Harbour.
It was much breezier today and Jon tacked up most of the way, finally striking the sail in frustration at the fickle changing wind direction. We were in sight of the Winter Harbour turn by then.
We tried anchoring in North Harbour but the wind was blowing around both sides of the islands, dragging our anchor back and forth. We decided to return to our calmer anchorage just beyond the town in the calmer NW end of the bay.
We passed the large raft of otters almost right off the main dock today and the bear was rooting around on the shoreline again. We ended up seeing 5 different bears today, two young juveniles and the mother and two cubs again.


Anomaly at the public dock in Port Alice


Looking back at the Village of Port Alice


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