Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 4, 2016

August 3rd- Winter Harbour to Port Alice

Wednesday, partly sunny
Weighed anchor and underway by 10:30. Took a close look at a yearling bear on our way out then motored up Quatsino Sound for the next 4 hours. We enjoyed many sightings of bald eagles and rafts of sea otters lazing on the calm waters. It became very warm as we approached Rumble Beach Marina. Jon expertly maneuvered us just ahead of a trawler but short of some steel piers on the outer dock finger.

Unfortunately, we find the village of Port Alice reduced to half it’s population since the cellulose fiber mill closed about a year ago. The town is down to about 200 now, so no coffee shop, no wifi, no decent restaurant, nor laundry as described by the guide books.

The guides are correct that everyone we meet is very friendly.  We paid 85cents/foot for moorage at the municipal office and the manager told us Port Alice is the rainiest place in Canada. Maybe that’s why boaters may visit Winter Harbour, but seldom venture the additional 20 miles to Port Alice. The wharfinger told us we were his 7th yacht this year.

The grocery is quite well stocked and serves hot food too, so we had some ice cream and took advantage of the seating to use our own cellular to get email. We visited the community center which had computers set up for Internet and stays open until 9pm every night. We decided to try the one remaining restaurant, Quatsino Chalet, and it was not great. It advertised Chinese and Western food, and I bet the Chinese is great, but it’s only offered on weekends. The veal cutlets were covered in gravy and barely edible.

We’ve broken our previous record of consecutive days without rain. We’re up to 6 days now!


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