Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 3, 2016

August 2nd- Bull Harbour to Winter Harbour


A long slightly uncomfortable but wildlife filled day. We left Bull Harbour just before 9 in the usual morning fog. There were big fish jumping the the aqua culture farm at the entrance. I’ve counted 7 bald eagles already. Around 10 we saw a sea otter and then whale spouts all around us near Cape Sutil.

There wasn’t enough wind to sail and keep the boat steady as we approached Cape Scott, the westernmost point of Vancouver Island. At least we weren’t slamming against waves, but I was really uncomfortable for awhile; my stuffy head seemed to make me feel more queasy than usual in the bouncy conditions. Conditions were better south of the Cape and we sailed on and off about a third of the voyage.

At one point a large sea lion surfaced with a big fish in his mouth. The fog finally cleared in the afternoon. We covered 60 nautical miles today, so it was past 5pm before we finally turned in to Quatsino Sound. We took several pictures of Quatsino lighthouse on our port side.

It calmed quickly as we entered and passed a few tiny fishing boats. On our way to Winter Harbour we finally saw some bears! A black bear and two cubs were exploring the eastern shore. We also saw several sea otters who continued to entertain us as we anchored at the north end of the harbour around 6:45pm.

I’m going to wait until we have wifi to post the pix.  It’s hard to tell how much of our data plan the blog is taking.  I’m writing this in Port Alice where there is NO wifi available.


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