Posted by: yachtanomaly | August 3, 2016

August 1st- Port Hardy to Bull Harbour

I wore my bright red Canada shirt in honor of BC day today. We had a passable breakfast at Captain Hardy’s and large mocha’s with good wifi practically next door at Guido’s. Jon was able to get the weather reports while I wrestled with issues on the Art Association website.

Weighed anchor around 11am under partly cloudy skies. I’m pretty stuffed up with a cold now. Jon was surprised by the favorable wind – will it hold? No, as usual, as soon as the sails went up, the wind died. But we were finally able to sail again around noon, tacking up the Goletas Channel.
We seemed to be running away from the sun into chilly fog all day. The sun finally caught up to us as we entered and anchored in Bull Harbour around 4pm. Bull Harbour is on Hope Island which is First Nations land. We could see a sign at the dock reading moorage and anchoring fees applied, but no one bothered the 4or 5 boats anchored in the Harbour.

A photo for my mother worried that we can’t see land.

Enter a captionEntrance to

Homes in Bull Harbour, Hope Island


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