Posted by: yachtanomaly | July 31, 2016

July 30th- Port McNeill Scramble

Jon worked hard all day studying and repairing our refrigerator fiasco. He traveled over 13k steps back and forth to all possible plumbing and Marine supply stores in this tiny town, which doesn’t have much. The poor water in the Broughtons damaged the pump and then it froze entirely while idle for a month. By day’s end he successfully T’d off the anchor rinsing pump and hotwired it to start automatically with the temperature switch too. Another amazing repair on his part.

I tried to help where I could by provisioning the dry goods and storing things away for departure. I’m also trying to review new proposals for fixes to the Art Association website, but it’s very difficult to do with such poor internet connectivity.

By evening, Jon was able to get the ‘fridge running and we finished the provisioning. We were able to enjoy cooking some steaks on Steve’s new floating BBQ plaza.

I’ve been disappointed that the bald eagle show of June has not repeated. I don’t know it it’s the howling wind or just that the juveniles have grown up, but I’ve only seen or heard them occasionally. In June, we had at least 9 swooping and careening all over the harbor. I did see at least 4 on our drive up, but the sightings are only sporadic here now.


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