Posted by: yachtanomaly | July 31, 2016

July 29th, Victoria to Port McNeill

Friday, Part 1
We slept much better in our Harbour Towers hotel. It was much quieter than the Days Inn (aside from the squawking seagull outside the open window) but at least this room had a fan and was absolutely huge due to a fortunate upgrade.

Today we retraced our steps now driving from Victoria to Port McNeill in almost identical hot sunny weather. We picked up our Subaru Imprezza (Jon not impressed) from National after our morning Victoria habit of Starbucks in the Steamship building followed by yummy, fluffy black-current scones at Murchie’s. Jon found National to be the only agency to allow one-way rentals although the fellow running it groused about the car sitting in Port Hardy unused for the next month. Jon reminded him that we brought him one back from there last month.

We found some of our favorite items at the Walmart in Cowichen- Jon’s Nestle cappuccino mix not available in the US and my Voltaren NSAID gel which is one of the great drug rip-offs common today. Made in the USA by Novartis, our US health plan is not allowed buy it for less than $50 for 100mg and Rx only. Meanwhile, the 150mg tube is available for $12.99 over the counter in Canada. Why anyone thinks this is ok that US citizens are ripped off by our own companies while our international neighbors enjoy a bonanza is beyond me.

We had heavy traffic probably due to BC day holiday coming up Monday Aug. 1st. We hadn’t planned to stop at Goats on the Roof again but it really is the best option between Cowichen and Campbell River, so this time we tried the surprisingly good salmon filet burgers across the street. The rest of our trip was a ice drive up forest lined highway with funky pit toilets in all the rest stops. We stopped briefly in Campbell River for Starbucks wifi and more Nestle at the Walmart, then continued to Port McNeill.


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