Posted by: yachtanomaly | July 31, 2016

July 29th, Victoria to Port McNeill, Part 2

Friday evening
The last leg of our drive from Campbell River saw the temperature drop from a high of 30 deg C to 16 C! By the time we reached Port McNeill around 6:30pm it was blowing hard, about 30 kts and enough to knock you over. The marina was full of trawlers taking shelter and Steve the hard-working wharfinger was rushing about in his usual helpful way.

Jon did some quick checks of Anomaly and then we drove to Telegraph Cove for dinner at The Saltery Pub, a faithful reproduction of a previously standing fish Saltery. The cove is a quaint, tightly spaced bay with many slips only for small motor launches and dinghies. We could see why they recommended against coming by boat.

We learned something new about the wood in the large posts outside our front door and office doors. The Saltery reproduction is also made of this wood which Canadians commonly call yellow cedar. It is actually a cypress, Cupressus nootkatensis, a tree native to coastal northwestern North America, aka Nootka Cyprus, yellow cedar or Yellow Alaskan Cedar which is the name Jon bought it under. The species name comes from the area of its discovery on the First Nations land of the Nuu-chah-nulth aka Nootka of Vancouver Island (credit Wikipedia). Given how willing Canadians are to clear-cut their forests, ours probably came from Canada. Reason for our purchase: It is structurally rated, unlike Thuja plicata (red western cedar).

The bad news of the evening is that the refrigerator pump is completely frozen. We’re in a bad way since the new pump didn’t arrive in time for our departure and we’re unable to keep Jon’s Rx at the correct temperature, let alone store provisions. Our neighbor in the Krogen motor yacht next door offered to keep Jon’s Rx in his large refrigerator until Jon finds an alternative.


Telegraph Cove



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