Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 28, 2016

June 23rd, Kwatsi Bay back to Sullian Bay


Jon at the helm in the rain

Listened to the depressing sound of pouring rain all morning. At least it made the nearby streams pretty. Finally gave up waiting and shoved off around 11:40.

Sat in soggy showers all the way to Sullivan Bay. Lacy Falls was impressively bigger. This time we passed several schools of leaping dolphins- Max had called them white-sided dolphins; some paused long enough to play in our stern wave. I could clearly see the little babies leaping in unison with their mothers.

Mike the new year ’round host met us and tied us up in the same spot we had previously. I got my walk in between rain showers, passing Mike’s wife Jeanne holding a huge fluffy cat named Bob.

Laura and Debbie were in the store and remembered our names. We ordered our cinnamon rolls and confirmed our prime rib dinner reservation for Friday. The happy hour was really small this evening and Jon almost won the golf. He lost a shoot off to a young fellow who lives aboard with his wife and 2 young boys and working as editor of the eMagazine 3 Sheets North.

Jon enjoyed showing off Anomaly and we watched another Marple Mystery after dinner aboard.



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