Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 26, 2016

June 22- Sullivan Bay to Kwatsi Bay


Lacy Falls


Lacy Falls

It turns out that yesterday was our last sunny day. The forecasts are abysmal here; they usually promise clearing by noon that never happens.

As resourceful as ever, Jon fixed the refrigerator/freezer. He finally was able to download a diagram, take the pump apart and remove the little fir tree needles that had clogged all 4 lobes. The water has been filthy with them in the last several marinas. Meanwhile, I resisted the cinnamon rolls and logged 2 miles walking the finger piers; pausing to hit some golf balls where I almost hit a seal on the head!

Shoved off around noon in persistent rain showers. I’m having an excruciating new problem with my LEFT heel now- pretty sure I injured my plantar fascia trying to increase the exercises for my surgically repaired RIGHT ankle- and could barely lift the rain-soaked fenders onto the deck. It rained most of the way back up Penphrase and into Tribune channel to Kwatsi Bay.

The only bright spot was the beautiful Lacy Falls.

We were met by many friendly boaters and owner max at the tiny Kwatsi Bay Marina. We were glad I baked blueberry muffins and attended the happy hour, joking later that they gossip about your boat if fail to attend. It was actually one of the most interesting we attended; enjoyed listening to Max talk about the region and lifestyle in the Broughtons.

Max ID’d the odd birdcall I’m hearing as Hermit Thrush, but I can now confidently say it’s actually a Varied Thrush. It’s a single, long almost electronic sounding trill, and I found that sound in iBird. I can see why Audubon likens it to a lifeguard whistle.


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