Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 26, 2016

June 21st- Echo Bay to Sullivan Bay

Shoved off at 9:15 in bright sun after taking more photos and enjoying the circular of Adirondack swings next to the wood fired hot tub that had no water ;-( We hoped to beat the forecasted rain. We tried to catch a large passing school of dolphins, but they were too fast for us.

I really enjoyed the sun sitting out on the foredeck for awhile, but it gradually became cloudy and totally grey by the time we traversed Penphrase Passage. We docked at Sullivan Bay just as the raindrops started to fall.

Sullivan Bay is a lovely little hamlet built completely on 4 1/2 finger piers. The buildings and homes are clearly loved and well cared for with beautiful decorations and flower boxes. It bustled with activity despite the weather and everyone was very welcoming. The store was slightly better stocked with more refrigerated and frozen items (still no lunch meat) and even fresh sourdough bread. Jon brightened with the prospect of ordering fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

I was a bit grumpy about having to spend my afternoon doing laundry. The water is terrible here and the washer takes an hour, plus I never feel I can trust the dryers least they burn up our clothes. I also felt some pressure to produce something for the obligatory 5pm Happy Hour, but this time we settled for a bag of popcorn from the store.

I enjoyed the golfing portions most. Anyone can take two attempts at hitting a target about 150 yards off the dock. The closest gets a free morning pastry; hit it and you win free moorage. Most people got caught up on the carpet and topped the ball, but one boater got right next to the pin. Surprisingly, my 5-irons were straight and true, but alas too short, so I was only second, but that was better than the woman who sent the club into the drink further than her ball! We all had a good laugh abut that one, but I wasn’t surprised at all given we and the clubs were all soaked from the persistent rain.

We returned to our boat for dinner and a Miss Marple DVD courtesy of the free “lending library”. Unfortunately our nice day was spoiled by the refrigerator failing. Jon spent several late night hours slaving over the machinery and learning that the rebuild kit he’d brought for just this sort of emergency was actually mislabeled and had parts totally unlike those in actual use.


Snowy ridgetops explain the chilly air temps.


Snowy ridgetops explain the chilly air temps.


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