Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 25, 2016

June 20th- Lagoon Cove to Pierre’s Lodge & Marina in Echo Bay


Walking to Billy Proctor’s Museum



Note to self: when the wifi connection does not connect, give up and enjoy the location instead. Spent way too many of the last 12 hours trying to blog.

At 10am, it surprised me that capt’n Jon slipped away from our crowded position at the the dock so easily, but of course, the wind is light again. We motored out west of Minstrel Island and up Knights Inlet. I don’t know why I am counting bald eagles- they are the most common bird here other than gulls and barn swallows- saw at least half a dozen today. Around noon, we saw some dolphins while dodging logs between the many small islands in Refuge passage and then Cramer passage.

Arrived about 2pm at Pierre’s Lodge and Marina in Echo Bay and docked by ourselves, finding it essentially closed. It’s open for moorage with a single dock-hand, but the store is barely stocked with no refrigerated goods, so made up our own tunafish for lunch.

We set out from the marina to visit Billy Proctors museum, but cannot recommend the trail from there- it’s a steep narrow scramble along the edge of a cliff that I could not navigate. Our second attempt following everyone in our dinghy over to the condemned (yes, you read that right) public dock was much easier though meadow and thicket until we reached a beautiful field full of Shasta daisies leading to the museum. I was immediately reminded of Andrew Wyeth’s, Christina’s World. It was really something to see.

Billy was holding court in front of his museum for a surprising number of tourists. His museum is full of beach finds that he started collecting at a young age. The ancient tools of stone, obsidian and jade are remarkable. There were hundreds of bottles, some glass floats, whale bones, historic tools, First Nation artifacts, etc. All beautifully displayed and labeled. Also a surprisingly well stocked gift and bookshop. Cash only, so could not buy his autobiography.

Returned to BBQ on the boat; the sun still out, but the air temp. dropping too much to enjoy dinner on deck.



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