Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 20, 2016

June 17th am, Cordero Lodge

We spent a beautiful sunny Friday morning here. The scores of hummingbirds are irresistible. I later identified that they were both male and female Rufous Hummingbirds; they may get Anna’s at other times, but all my photos turned out to be rufous. They are really irresistible and we spent a lot of time filming them. One little baby kept plopping down after gorging himself, constantly peeping. Absolutely adorable.

There is something really sweet about the love these tough fisherman have for these birds and their garden. The dock manager showed me an amazing array of herbs, strawberries, tomatoes and lettuces growing in raised beds all over. He insisted that I cut some for the boat. It’s especially impressive when you realize that all the soil and plants and supplies must be brought in by boat from Campbell River. The owner told us the hummingbirds alone consume up to 40 lbs of sugar a week.

They also had many tales of having to scare off bears who wander right up to the lodge, but Jon didn’t see any on our short walk up the logging road. Two bald eagles were flying overhead, and there are lots of starfish and sea slugs in the little lagoon formed by the docks.

Unfortunately they are thinking that health concerns may force them to sell. The owner told us he should probably find the right young couple to “take the place and run with it”. It’s sad that they will have to give up a place they both love so well.


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