Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 20, 2016

June 16th, Von Donop Inlet to Cordero Lodge

Beautiful, sunny morning. Actually hot painting on deck as an eagle swooped down and grabbed a fish. Wish he could get rid of all these yucky jellyfish. Weighed anchor at 11:30. I’m constantly changing layers as the sun comes and goes altering the temperature drastically.

Entering the Broughtons requires traversing two different sets of rapids so requires 2 days. Jon aimed to reach the first series at 2:30 but again a favorable current got us there early. We drifted along with the dodger only at 2-3 kts for awhile with several other waiting boats.

Good timing again resulted in just a slight acceleration as we passed Harbott Point then Kelsy Point and entered the Yaculta Rapids. The Gillard Passage was a bit more turbulent but there was a whale watching group drifting around watching fin whales right in the middle of it. We continued on to the Dent Passage and saw a large group of dolphins there, jumping into the air probably after some fish.

By the time we reached Cordero Channel, it was dark overcast and spitting rain. The dock manager welcomed us onto the empty dock explaining that the restaurant was closed. Apparently, he has had a stroke and the owner has been diagnosed with cancer, so they only plan to provide moorage this season. The Cordero Hunting and Fishing Lodge looks like it has seen better days, but suddenly you are surrounded by the cheerful chirps, and loud buzzing of hummingbirds. Scores of feeders attract at least 30 or 40 hummers on feeders hanging everywhere. It is truly magical!.

The manager welcomed us into the dining room, served up some drinks and fired up the generator so we could watch game 6 of the NBA playoffs. Unfortunately it was another poor performance by the Warriors, and the referees (and ESPN call) were so biased that Steph Curry was ejected from the game for the first time in his career.


Looking back at Desolation Sound


Cordero Hunting & Fishing Lodge and Marina


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