Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 17, 2016

June 15th- Gorge Harbour to Von Donop Inlet

It started pouring rain in the early morning continuing until about 10:30am; the most steady so far. We are looking forward to the predicted dry spell.

The resort’s guest wifi is broken, but the wharfinger let Jon use his office computer so we could make some Yosemite campground reservations for October. I walked all over the resort taking pix from under my umbrella. It finally stopped raining around 11 and we left the dock at noon.

Gorge Harbour Resort

Gorge Harbour Resort

A better view of the Gorge entrance

A better view of the Gorge entrance

We went back out the narrow “gorge” – like entrance and around the strange zig-zag of the Uganda passage which is caused by the very long Shark Spit stretching out so far that it almost reaches back to Cortes island itself. Our destination today- Von Donop Inlet and surrounding Hyamin Marine Park.

The inlet is long and narrow and we were warned to hug the right side at one point to avoid a dangerous rock. We finally reached the anchorage where the inlet opens out into a beautiful bay.

We enjoyed the sun warmth for awhile, then went to explore in the dinghy, finally landing on the shore to check out the hiking trail. There we met the owners of s/v Charisma also based in San Francisco. They apparently have sailed all the way to New Zealand and through the South Pacific. The told us all about the hiking trails, but we didn’t make it far, still gimpy from our assorted injuries. The very green and fern lined rainforest was beautiful, with, fortunately, none of the forewarned bears or wolves.

We had a nice BBQ on the deck, but I was surprised we didn’t have a pretty sunset. The clouds have closed In again a little too much I guess. It’s surprising how much longer the light lasts up here. It starts getting light around 4:30 and doesn’t really get dark until 10pm.

VOn Donop Inlet

Von Donop Inlet




Too many jellyfish!

Hiking Ha'thayim Marine Park forest

Hiking Ha’thayim Marine Park forest



  1. Hey Jon good to see you man!

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