Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 17, 2016

June 13th, Prideaux Harbour

Here is the pic of Nancy’s bakery


We took advantage of a break in the weather and departed Lund about 10am. Jon was happy today as he was able to sail, tacking up the Thulin passage between the Copeland Islands and the Malaspina peninsula all the way into Desolation Sound, although he continued to mumble about the fickle winds.

Foiled by the weather again, the mountains of Desolation Sound are obscured by clouds. Pretty, but I was hoping to see the “majestic view” this time. We anchored in the very calm Prideaux Haven by 1:30.

The rain closed in so we spent the day below reading and painting. The depiction of the forested islands continues to elude me despite trying several different techniques.

Jon has satellite radio so we were able to listen to the very disapointing NBA game 4 with the Warriors losing at home for only the 3rd time this year; they shot under 40%.


Clouds obscure the snow-topped cliffs


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