Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 12, 2016

June 11th- Egmont to Grief Point

Saturday,  Powell River area
It rained pretty hard all morning. The changing tides or “back eddy” here makes slapping sounds on the hull keeping me awake. Finally dozed off again and Jon woke me with our morning mochas. Made myself go out to stretch my legs, recycle bottles and get extension hoses to take on water.


Island Sky gave us a “altering starboard ” toot on Jervis Inlet

Departed around 9:30 out the Jervis Inlet between Nelson Island and the BC Coast. The rain mostly stopped but air was chilly. Out in the Malaspina strait, we passed a tug pulling a big log boom. He seemed to lose a lot of it; we were dodging log debris the rest of the way to Grief Point.

No answer on VHF 66A from Beach Gardens Marina; their high season doesn’t start until June 24th. It would be nice to ride the courtesy shuttle to Powell River then; otherwise the dock is dirty and rundown. The facilities are all closed, although there is a Beer and Wine Store, and a newish laundry only $2/load wash/dry although the room is unvented and like an oven.

We threw in a load and walked up the steep hill and then along the narrow margin of the very busy Thunder Bay Street to the spiffy Pacific Point market and Serious Coffee, both of which were excellent. The wifi there was good enough for me to fix the blog that got messed up by the slow wifi at Back Eddy Marina. Unfortunately, Jon tripped on a rock and sprained his already tender right ankle on the walk back.

The Savoury Bight restaurant attached to the resort turned out to be a bit gourmet, quite good, and reasonably priced, although the service was poor. They forgot we were there until I finally walked back to the host to ask for service.

The free wifi is also good enough for WordPress, although I’ve had to reduce the picture size everywhere except Madera Park or they just don’t upload completely.


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