Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 10, 2016

June 9th, Princess Louisa Inlet

More morning showers off and on. Tried to paint, but the rain spotted my painting and it was surprisingly hard to remove. Departed at 11am to reach the Malibu Rapids near slack 3:55.

A sad note today- yesterday we heard a distress call for a 17-year old boy visiting the youth camp who was swept away by the rapids. He apparently has not been found. The RCMP Lindsey was anchored at the mouth of the rapids and divers were searching from a zodiac. We inquired and were advised to stay clear while transiting the rapids.

The favorable tide caused many boaters to arrive at Malibu Rapids early. We arrived 3pm and milled about half an hour before being the first to enter early at 3:30; the others followed. This coastal fjord is an annual pilgrimage for many and it’s easy to see why. There were numerous cascades threading down the stone walls and Chatterbox Falls was thundering full and misty.

A yachting club of 7 was at the docks and helped us in to the last spot available. Other “guests” included Lucy the golden retriever, a river otter, multiple seals, a Common Merganzer pair, gulls, and many small ducks we later decided were pied billed grebes. It continued to shower on and off.



The Ranger gets to live in the rainforest


Chatterbox Falls



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