Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 8, 2016

June 7th- Newcastle Island to Pender Harbour

We were disturbed by a rattling of foil packaging and the pitter patter of little feet. A raccoon had boarded and actually entered the galley and was making off with a box of crackers from the counter! He’d dragged the box almost all the way off the boat. Jon retrieved it and scared him off, but he came back several times. The raccoon had eaten most of the contents so we discarded the rest.
Note to self: We’d forgotten that the nice restroom near the docks have two showers at $1/4 minutes.

If you are a nature lover, Newcastle Island is a must see; it is one of my favorite spots- see . The natural beauty and well cared for facilities make it delightful. Baby geese roamed the grass, a colony of purple martins is getting re-established; a sign at the trailhead warned a bear had been sighted (“back away and do not make eye contact!). We spent over 2 hours walking most of the beautiful Shoreline trail with detours on the Mallard Lake and Channel trails. It continues very warm so the shoreline breeze was appreciated.

Of course the wind died shortly after we left the dock at 11:30 through the the passage between the Newcastle and Nanaimo. There was much angst on the VHF over whether the Whiskey Gulf torpedo range was active. Winashesea radio didn’t answer like they are supposed to leaving Victoria Coastguard to correct bad information on the continuous broadcast too. One boater complained he was “already out in the middle of the bloody thing!” due to bad information. We finally were told that only half the range was active today.

Victoria coastguard is always having to come on and tell people channel 16 is for emergencies only. 83Alpha is for information, radio checks, etc.

The Strait of Georgia N. of Nanaimo is wide open and only mildly interesting. We crossed over to Pender Harbor without incident, but I did have to dodge a big log. A bald eagle met us at the public Dock at Madera Park. We were happy to find a long spot for Anomaly on C dock. We self registered; the wharfinger appeared later. I was able to grab a shower before washhouse close at 6pm while Jon walked to the store for some poor (in his opinion) variety of beer.

We went to bed quite early- I logged over 15k steps today.

Newcastle Island is good for families

Newcastle Island is good for families

Newcastle Shoreline Trail

Newcastle Shoreline Trail

The trail around is 7km

The trail around is 7km

You always want to go on

You always want to go on


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