Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 8, 2016

June 6th- Sidney to Nanaimo, Newcastle Island


The fairways of Port Sidney Marina

We enjoy the stable wide fairways of the Port Sidney marina with immediate access to a town full of useful and interesting shops. Breakfast at Starbucks, then I visited art store Island Blue and found a few more watercolor journals; also the Dollar Store to replace my hiker shoelaces that keep coming untied.

Then I spent the rest of the morning doing laundry. Jon, on the other hand, had an unexpected scramble when the dinghy motor wouldn’t start. He zipped up to the auto parts store for new spark plugs, but the old were not fouled. He finally followed the advice of a friendly Australian who recommended spaying Sea Foam into the carburetor- Tada! It started!

Jon was anxious about the delay because we had to hit the “dangerous Dodd Narrows” at the slack around 6pm. Fortunately, we were able to get away only 30 minutes or so late.

The trip from Sidney to Nanaimo is a pretty one, passing between forest covered islands. At 3:30 pm, at our route waypoint 13.5, we saw 3 bald eagles. It continues very warm however, and I had to take a nap out of the heat. Jon was able to open many hatches and remove a dodger panel which cooled things down a bit.

Around 4:30, I did some w/c painting of the Stuart channel. It was more experiment than painting, trying to figure out how to represent all the green trees. I picked up just as we entered Dodd Narrows at 6:01 pm, but due to good timing, we only had a short burst of 3kts in the narrow pass.

We arrived at Newcastle Island park around 6:45 pm and found the slips almost empty. I assumed that was because they cost twice the mooring balls at $2/meter, but we found out later that raccoons can be a problem. An attendant noticed our arrival and met us for payment as soon as we looked for self registering.

The little ferry was at the dock also, but the captain couldn’t tell us how late it could return us to Newcastle, and Jon was anxious for a beer at the Dingy Dock, so we launched our own dinghy. Fortunately it was a calm smooth ride. As I’ve written before, the Dinghy Dock is not my favorite location, but it turned out to be much more pleasant in June than September. There was a full menu available and we both had a delicious salmon fillet burger and some refreshing beverages. The weather continued to be warm, actually hot!
I tried to blog before bed, but WordPress seems to need more bandwidth than was available.

The Dinghy Dock- photo from Sept.

The Dinghy Dock- photo from Sept.


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