Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 8, 2016

June 5th- Orcas Island and Sidney

Jon’s friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, came down to his marina and took us on a wonderful tour of his home. It is full of beautiful landscaped and natural forest, meadows in the British landscapers Renton style and at least 3 different gardens.

The main garden surpasses my own aspirations with circular raised beds anchored by a huge gazebo complete with living succulent roof. Another section has a long wisteria pergola between the gazebo and a small pool and fountain. A full commercial kitchen/garden room stands at attention to prepare and enjoy the produce from the garden. Chickens cluck contentedly in their large henhouse. It’s beyond the scale that one person can manage however; they have several full time employees.

We also enjoyed a tour of their home with its beautiful hand woodwork and furniture and a comfortable deck overlooking the water. A bald eagle from a nearby nest swept by and we enjoyed the view. We ended our visit with lunch at the Orcas Hotel. The grilled cheese was burnt.

We left Orcas about 1:30 pm and passed into Canada just past Roche Island around 3:30. We were at the Port Sidney Customs Dock by 4:20 before getting assigned to slip F04 in Port Sidney Marina.

Our friends Chris and Dave Schroeder were waiting for us with h’orsdeuves and game 2 of the NBA playoffs between the Warriors and the Clevand Cavaliers. The Warriors won convincingly with almost a 30 point lead at the end.

Then we had my favorite diner of wiener schnitzel and splatzl at Suisse Bistro before saying a late goodbye.

A garden on Orcas Island

A garden on Orcas Island

Orcas Island from the water

Orcas Island from the water


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