Posted by: yachtanomaly | June 8, 2016

June 4th- Departure

We were able to enjoy lunch at the Anacortes Waterfront Festival before departing for Orcas Island at 2:30 pm. Jon’s favorite parking lot BBQ- Dads- had moved to the festival for the weekend.

The afternoon light was beautiful coming through the trees of the San Juan Islands. It was a very warm day- up to low 80’s- and Mt. Baker looked majestic in the distance.

We almost had a disaster docking at the private marina owned by a friend. He’d sent a friend down to help who really didn’t understand how headstrong Anomaly can be. And against Jon’s better judgement, we tried a difficult maneuver in the stiff breeze. We ended up drifting towards the sailboat already docked, with our stern tied off by the ‘helper’, and both Jon and I trying to keep from hitting both the yacht and the dock. Jon couldn’t keep it fended off long enough to get to the controls. Finally I realized I had to take the helm and get us out of there.

The ‘helper’ realized that slip assignment was a bad idea and let us come to the other side where the wind direction helped rather than hindered.

After recovering from the shock of almost near disaster on our very first docking of the trip, we had a lovely walk through the forests and meadows of Orcas island over to the historic Orcas Hotel overlooking the ferry in Orcas Village. The Caesar salad with grilled chicken was quite good.

Afternoon light

Afternoon light

Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker



  1. Glad to see you are back on the water again. Have a pleasant voyage. Always interesting to read your posts. Always so impressed with Anomaly. Jane and I are cruising the Bras d’Or Lakes this year in our Nonsuch 30. Take care – Jamie & Jane Morrison, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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