Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 7, 2015

10/6/15-Victoria to Sidney

Parliament Rotunda20151007-184015.jpg
Pintails in Spring by Robert Bateman20151007-184341.jpg

Rain in the forecast
We had a fun morning in Victoria visiting the historic Parliament building for the BC Legislative Assembly and the Robert Bateman Center. Barbara had recommended the Parliament building and it was interesting. I especially liked seeing the historic stained glass windows, info about the BC Crest, and learning provincial symbols like the Stellar’s Jay, Western Red Cedar, Dogwood, and Jade.
I bought a Bateman sketchbook at an art store years ago without knowing who he was. He is a Canadian who has traveled extensively throughout his lifetime to observe nature. His paintings are stunningly realistic although he maintains they are still impressionistic. I was surprised to see that most of the originals on display were acrylic on board rather than oils.
I bought some notecards although they didn’t have the ducks on the water that I wanted. The colors in the water are really awe-inspiring. And many of the bird paintings were accompanied by recordings of their calls.
The Harbor didn’t complain that we left our slip at 11:45 almost an hour after checkout time. Frankly, I was worried that we would be boxed into the long slip, but we got out in time. Unfortunately we didn’t see the sun today. It tried to peak out then gave up. It got colder and colder as we made our way to Sidney and Van Isle Marina. Jon topped up the fuel tanks and proceeded to our new slip where he rushed to get the sails off before the rain. We have a week to work on the boat before we return home.


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