Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 7, 2015

10/5/25- Port Townsend to Victoria

Sunny, Cool, but Calm
There was quite a bit of rolling in the Point Hudson marina last night. We were right next to the breakwater and I think it was caused by the strong wakes of the Ferry.
We started out against almost 3 kts tide, so we hugged the coast, passing behind a protection Island. There was an adventure boat there, and I was hoping for whales, but apparently the group was there to see Tufted Puffins or rhinoceros auklets, neither of which has breeding plumage this time of year.
We reached Dungeness Spit and had a view into Sequim Bay. We then turned enough to be able to sail across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria. The Victoria customs dock was clearly marked and again we cleared quickly by telephone. Jon then called the Greater Victoria Harbor authority for a slip assignment. We ended up right in front of the historic Empress Hotel.
We walked around downtown for a couple hours. Jon found two different Starbucks locations and I found some fluffy black current scones at Murchies coffee and tea shop. The cost was really reasonable compared to Starbucks and our tea and scones were served with cream and jam on a silver tray.

Anomaly at Point Hudson, Port Townsend20151007-181028.jpgJon near Protection Island20151007-181105.jpg
We did NOT see the Tufted Puffin20151007-181850.jpgnor the Rhinoceros Auklet20151007-181910.jpg
Heading towards The Empress20151007-181930.jpg


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