Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 7, 2015

10/4/15- Blakely Harbor to Port Townsend

Sunny, Brisk and windy
I knew there would be a “race” today since both Panope and Anomaly were heading for Port Townsend. Steve Goodwin got a good jump on us; he was in the harbor at 7am but Panope was long gone by the time we weighed anchor at 8:45. We figured he had a 1 and a half hour lead.
Unfortunately, the wind was right on the nose, so this would be a motoring duel. Later in the morning we saw some whale watching boats and I saw an Orca leap clear in the air (from a distance), but of course, we couldn’t pause to investigate because we were “racing”.
Anomaly caught Panope in 5 hours . We both got some nice photos of each others boats and shortly afterward switched to sailing. We arrived at Point Hudson marina around 3.
My friend from kindergarten, Barbara Ashlock Fogerson came down to meet us, but Jon had already made a beeline for a Good Living Coffee house (suggested by the harbor master), so she called and found us there. We had a really nice time visiting some of the cute downtown shops including a kitchen store and the local artist Co-op Gallery 9. We stopped by the Galatea statue, a town landmark, and we also got to see several of the Kinetics racers cross the finish line in their crazy vehicles that had to be able to hill-climb, traverse mud and float on the water, all under human power only.
Barbara’s husband Terry was able to join us later and we went for a tour of the boat and then back to Sirens where the Fogersons treated us to dinner. It was really busy which gave us lots of time to chat and catch up before our yummy hamburgers arrived.
The Panope20151007-175429.jpg
Point No Point20151007-175533.jpgAnn in the Salish Circle20151007-175456.jpgBarbara and Annie, almost 50 years to the day after we first met20151007-175604.jpg


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