Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 2, 2015

Previously on Yacht Anomaly-9/23/15

9/23/15- Port of Sidney to Anacortes
Sunny and brisk
Today was mostly a day of motoring back, making sure we would make our flight home tomorrow for our nieces wedding. We hoped to sail in the 9 kts SE breeze, but as usual, as soon as we got the sails up, the wind completely died. We continued motor “sailing” past Roche Harbor on the tip of San Juan Island, crossing the International border as we did so.
There were some strange looking sheep on the steep slopes of Spiedon Island to the east, but I couldn’t get a close look. I later learned these might be Mouflon Sheep. Wikipedia says the island used to be used for big game hunting and the animals are still there. We did get enough wind funneling through the narrow passage to shut the engine off.
We continued through the Harney Channel between Orcas and Shaw Island, and then through the Peavine Pass between Obstruction and Blakely Islands. Each time the land masses seemed to block the wind. The water was either flat or had ripples caused by converging tides rather than wind.
Finally we passed through the Rosario straight between Blakely and Cypress Islands. There must have been some wind because we saw another sailboat with a full spinnaker coming our way, but I looked back shortly afterward and it had collapsed and was being stuffed away. We arrived at Cap Sante marina around 4pm where US customs directed us to proceed to the slip assigned by calling the marina office. They do not appear to have a separate dock for customs here.
Customs is always an interesting experience. They took some preliminary information, and informed us they were just finishing up checking the ferry passengers. Then they called back asking for ore information. After that, they insisted on coming to the bat and seeing us in person. The fellow was named Tuttle and definitely made certain we looked like the passport pictures. Fortunately we do, so then we were free to go onto US soil and check into the harbour office.
Mt. Baker20151001-230027.jpgPeavine Pass20151001-230124.jpg

20151001-230152.jpgReturn to Cap Sante Marina20151001-230211.jpg


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