Posted by: yachtanomaly | October 2, 2015

Previously on Yacht Anomaly, 9/22/15

Previously on Yacht Anomaly:
9/22/15- Herring Bay to Port of Sidney
This morning it was overcast with only 5C reporting at Nanaimo at 7 am. There was enough light to positively ID the Harlequin Ducks again as we left Herring Bay. Also definitely some Oyster Catchers and possibly a Loon. It was definitely bigger than the other unknown water birds that I’m guessing are common Murres.
The sun did come out and I was distracted along the way by the lovely cliffs in Sansum Narrows. Again too calm to sail, we were motoring which does allow me to do some sketching.
By 2:15 we were moored in the Port of Sidney and back in Starbucks proper.
After our caffeine and Internet fix, we managed to find Nancy and Neil Davidson aboard their beautiful Selene yacht Three Wishes.
Despite being in the middle of packing to return home tomorrow, they agreed to have dinner with us at my new favorite restaurant, Suisse Bistro. We had a wonderful time learning of their journey all the way to Alaska this year as well as many of their adventures in this area where they have been traveling for many years.
I also got a nice reading list about this area which may be of interest to others.
The Curve of Time
Following the Curve of Time
Cleats N Eats
Tea & Totems
Becoming Wild by Nikki Van Schneidle

Captain Jon in Sansum Narrows
20151001-223807.jpgPort of Sidney20151001-223841.jpg

20151001-223903.jpgSansum Narrows20151001-224302.jpg


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