Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 23, 2015

9/20/15 Lund to Pender Harbour

Rain, Conversation and Sabotaged Laundry
Today was the first day I was really uncomfortable. It rained all day and cold air filled in behind the front. Jon got to sail along at up to 9 kts, but he admitted it would be a lot more fun if it hadn’t rained. It came down so hard at times that it bounced off our foul weather gear like hail.
That gear works really well, but I made a note to get some water proof boots and gloves. The rain ran off my pants and sleeves into my shoes and pockets where I tried to keep my hands warm. I finally gave up around 3 pm and went below for good.
It was a pleasant surprise to discover our new Canadian friends Chris and Dave at Fisherman’s resort in Pender Harbour. We were able to join them later for dinner at the Garden Bay Pub and Restaurant where they fortunately had reserved a table. The place was absolutely packed with people there for the jazz festival. We talked a long time during dinner which was remarkable given the singer who was belting out rhythm, blues and occasional rock and roll.
After dinner I tried to do some laundry, not realizing there was a time limit. Jon had asked at the desk and had only been told what combination to use when the door was locked for the night. Only after I’d started our load, did I see a small sign to not wash after 8pm. I couldn’t stop with that load all wet, so I loaded the dryer and returned to the boat intending to check everything after 30 minutes. When I returned, however, the laundry door had been locked and the dryer door had been opened so the clothes were just sitting there with the timer ticking down. Apparently someone objected to the dryer running after 8. I guarded the dryer for the 20 minutes left, but ended up having to hang the clothes all over the boat so they could dry which made it very damp indoors too.


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