Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 21, 2015

9/19/25- Prideaux Haven to Lund

Steady Rain
It seems to rain most steadily at night, but it’s pretty constant today. We had talked about going to Gorge Harbor next, but we both woke up with the idea that we should go South to Lund instead. It just didn’t seem to be the best weather to visit Cortes Island.
The recorded anchor path was like a whirling dervish around the anchor. At one point last night, we saw a depth of only 4 feet on the indicator but it must have been the seal or jelleyfish passing under us.
Before we left I saw a pair of Red-necked Grebes fishing near our anchorage. I finally got to see a bald eagle today on a snag at the south end of Mink Island. I saw 4 more today, all sitting on trees at water level. And we briefly saw an orca pass by our moorage in Lund.
We returned back through the Thulin Passage past Bliss Landing and into Lund. Everything is fairly well marked from the water except the dingy dock which has a label facing up that you couldn’t possibly read from a dinghy. We moored to the breakwater rather than raft up on the Recreational Vessel dock, the disadvantage being the 4 concrete breakwaters are not attached to land and you have to dinghy in. We paid the hip Wharfinger and then headed to Nancy’s Bakery with a huge number of cinnamon rolls in various flavors and other pastries and tarts on display. After checking out the very expensive Boardwalk restaurant($17 for 1 piece fish & chips), we returned to Nancy’s for lunch and WIFI. I had lox and cream cheese on one of their toasted bagels while Jon had the pulled pork sandwich. Jon of course had to add a cinnamon roll and I finally got to sample a Nanaimo bar which had a kind of Oreo cookie crust icing and a coconut flavor- yummy!
We bought mush needed water and ice and the pricey grocery store and quickly visited the surprisingly large art galley where I bight a card by one of the local artists. I also spoke to Debra Bevaart who was carving very realistic harbor seals in Brazilian soapstone. I would have loved to buy one but they were $700!
It started to pour rain shortly after I cooked dinner. Jon worked most of the night on some boat repairs. The engine is leaking oil which doesn’t look good.


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