Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 16, 2015

9/14/15- Skookumchuck Narrows to Princess Louisa Inlet

Chilly and damp morning; temps in the mid 40’s, but not raining yet. Left Egmont Marina at 8:25 the target being slack at Malibu Rapids at the Princess Louisa Inlet.
The trip consists of 3 separate reaches totaling over 30 miles. The Jervis Inlet is very majestic and 2100 ft deep! We entered Prince of Whales Reach around 9:30. By noon we were already through Princess Royal Reach and on to Queens Reach. The few boats we saw were almost all coming out. Finally a big power boat, Safari Quest raced by with a big wake only to halt as if uncertain at Malibu Rapids.
It’s a good thing we have instructions and charts because the entrance looks impassible from the outside. It is really very narrow and reportedly very nasty if the current is not near slack. Jon timed it well, however, and we made it through with no issues.
By 2:45 we were at the dock behind Chinook 15, a Dufor belonging to Dave and Chris. We had a nice chat with them in their cosy cockpit enclosure, especially nice because it finally began to rain. They have it mainly to protect from black flies when they travelled on Georgian Bay, but its handy in the Northwest too. The weather is so strange up here. Rain means it can drip and drizzle on and off all day.
The sun was out again so we could enjoy the short walk around Chatterbox Falls. They look fairly low, only taking up about a third of the water carved face of rock. The path through the forest is dense with very mossy trees and ferns like a rainforest. There are a few nice benches and picnic tables but we joked that that really need to do some judicious pruning because the best views from the dock are blocked by some saplings growing right through the middle. You really can’t get a full view unless you’re in a boat right in front of the falls.
No swimming here as a sign warned us of the Lions Mane Jellies and their painful stings. You can see them floating just under the surface as if waiting for you to fall in. There’s also a warning that 12 people have died trying to climb to the top of the falls (so don’t!)
We don’t find the falls too loud at all at the dock. In fact, the rain is drowning them out. We thought it ironic that TIGHTSHIP complained of the disturbance but also bemoaned the fact that generators can’t be run at the dock after 11pm.
We hosted Chris and Dave with wine and cheese while Jon got to show off Anomaly. It was fun getting the Canadian perspective on the trip and very helpful since they live where they can overlock the Port of Sidney. The rain started coming down more steadily the rest of the evening while Jon was BBQing our steaks.
Jervis Inlet




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