Posted by: yachtanomaly | September 10, 2015

September 9th- Friday Harbor AM

Got a slow start today as I was up all evening painting a memorial for the captain of my tennis team who died suddenly of a stroke. Really too young and very sad.
I took off in the morning towards the post office to mail the artwork as Jon hunted down fuel and propane. We had self-registered but stopping in at the office is worthwhile. They have helpful tourist maps and in-person directions. Be prepared for steep uphill walks to get anywhere- my iPhone logged over 12000 steps today and my surgically “repaired” ankle is very painfully swollen.
I then was on a mission for coffee shops and baked goods, but apparently these are not popular in Friday Harbor. Someone is missing an opportunity there! Ice cream is much more available. They also appear to be late risers. The Skinniest Latte shop in the world wasn’t even open when I first walked by around 9:30.
Jon joined me for a VERY long walk to San Juan Island bakery next to the airport which is worth it if you don’t have a bad ankle. Returned via the San Juan Coffee Roastery in the touristy Cannery Landing next to the ferry which again had chocolate and ice cream but no breakfast goods. Couldn’t pass up a double- scoop at the ice cream shop right at the head if the harbor with many many flavors. However, Jon said espresso chip and death by chocolate were unremarkable. I may have found a new favorite in Bunny Tracks. Almond Joy was too gooey.
By then it was time to leave by the generous 1pm check out time and we got out of the harbor by 1:15.



  1. Hi Jon and Ann – glad to see you are off on the boat again. I was wondering what had happened to Anomaly. Always enjoy following your blog especially when Jon gets a bit “technical” with boat repairs. Things are great on the other side of the continent. Had a wonderful summer in our Nonsuch. Been busy with my photography. You can take a peak here: Just thought I would check in and say hi.

    Jane & Jamie Morrison
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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