Posted by: yachtanomaly | March 29, 2014


Lake Worth is one of those slightly inland bodies of water that are part of the Intracoastal Waterway, so we weren’t surprised to see several sailboats anchored here. In fact, the saw Velvet from Montreal, and Yves waved as we passed by. Unlike us, most of these sailboats will be returning up the ICW, and they will be passing through many bridges to do so.

The main reason WE are here is to clear back into the US. Our ultimate destination, Stuart, doesn’t have a Customs office. West Palm Beach, specifically Riviera Beach has a customs office which is housed in the same building as the Celebration cruise line. At first it seemed we answered all questions over the phone since Jon was ready with all the documentation AND they found him in a pilots registry too, but at the end of the phone call, they directed us to go to the office in person.

This was a bit uncomfortable for us since even this inland body of water was very choppy. Jon didn’t realize which office we were going to and he anchored way far away, so we got pretty drenched returning to the boat. At least we were able to land the dinghy at the Riviera Beach Marina and have a nice lunch at their Tiki Restaurant.

We tried to motor back in the lee of the very nice Peanut Island park, but it only protected us for a short while, and we still had a long ways to get back to the boat. Fortunately, it was breezy and warm enough that we dried off right away.


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