Posted by: yachtanomaly | March 26, 2014

Tuesday, March 25th, Atlantis

We had planned to leave Nassau this morning, but even the Wind Finder forecast is not good, so we decided to stay put. We haven’t been to any of the possible stopping places, and Jon wisely decided our known, safe location is preferable to handling Anomaly with her great windage in a narrow or difficult anchorage.
After a frustrating morning with unusable wifi at Starbucks, we decided to see how the other half lives: we visited Atlantis. As we were waiting for a cab, we had a huge thunderstorm that sounded unique to me, like the crashing of metal or huge symbols with each flash.

Our pleasant cab driver dropped us off at the marina. Big surprise: his favorite restaurant is Twin Brothers.
Contrary to popular belief, the residents of Atlantis are doing well
This Disney style resort is themed as the long lost city of Atlantis, complete with ruins which are now inhabited by sea creatures. But Jon still found his favorite store, (and yes, I am disgusted with how fat I’ve gotten; that and the insect bites have almost made sub-tropical sailing intolerable for me)
We reluctantly paid the $45/head just to wander the grounds of this destination resort. Note to hotel guests: THIS IS NOT THE REAL BAHAMAS! I came to the conclusion that there are no fish on the Bahama Cays because they have been collected and kept here. We saw Sea Turtles, Nurse, hammerhead, bull, black tipped reef and zebra sharks, moray eels and all kinds of rays as well as moon jellies, and jacks. There were lagoons all over the resort, including a predator tunnel where the sharks and rays passed overhead. Plus, of course, you could have personal encounters with any of the marine animals, including the sting rays and sharks. Dolphins and the Alligator Gar are in an area of the resort reserved for the higher paying Aqua adventurer guests.



Small-toothed Sawfish. The marine biologists here are the first to have sawfish births in captivity.

Lagoons are featured everywhere, full of fish, conch and other interesting animals

We had a nice Texas BBQ style lunch at Virgil’s at the resort which hopefully we walked off as we walked all the way back to the boat. We peeked into the deli on the way, Balduccinos Deli and Fine Wines.

By the time we got back, the winds where’s really picking up and thepredicted gale looks like it is coming for sure. Jon doubled up on lines and retired knots made by the dock hands he considered sub-standard (a recurring theme). I enjoyed a swim in the slightly neglected looking freshwater pool while I did laundry.
Our month of WIFI service from Bahama Max runs out tomorrow evening, so I may not post anymore until we reach Florida. We plan to re-enter at Fort Lauderdale with possible stops at Chub Cay and Bimini on the way, but we may sail straight through over the banks.


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